After attending SLR for a little over three months, N earned a reading sticker from his first grade teacher.

Congratulations! Just starting Kindergarten and an award already. I am so proud.

A always gave me extra effort, so I am not the least surprised by his award.

"The Wizards Wish," the magic of reading.

Visual perception plays an important role in spelling, mathematics and reading.

N works on the balance board to practice coordination and focus.

Congratulations on graduating from Student Learning Recovery Tutoring with flying colors, awards from school and a great report card. So proud! We are smiling here, but it is sad to say goodbye.

As I went to close up the office for the evening, I discovered this sweet, loving message left for me on my board by my last student of a very long day. Thank you. You made my day!

Phonics can be fun, especially when you get to speak into the microphone.

I am so proud of you and so happy you received an "Excellence in Reading Award." I always knew you were a great reader, a great student and such a marvelous dancer too!

N's artwork was chosen to be on exhibit at his elementary school's book fair at Barnes and Noble.

The view from our classroom on a fall afternoon.

My students are very fashionable and stick with the theme of the season.

Despite the chill of winter, we still "chill out."

Welcome to SLR's outside waiting room.

Welcome to SLR's indoor waiting room.

Congratulations to our student Sidney on her winning entry for a nationwide Healthy Lunchtime Challenge sponsored by Epicurious and Michelle Obama. I know she was excited to be in "People" magazine and have lunch with Michelle Obama and the other winners.

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