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Student Learning Recovery Tutoring combines a variety of intensive academic programs to help improve your child’s learning skills.


Reading, Tutoring and Dyslexia Academic Programs
  • Multisensory Reading, Phonics and Spelling

  • Reading Comprehension and Fluency

  • Handwriting and Written Expression

  • Special Education Reading Tutoring Combined with Visual/Perceptual Therapy and Cognitive Brain Skills Training

  • Elementary Grade Level Math

  • Reading Disorder and Dyslexia Evaluation


Treating Dyslexia, LD, ADHD, ADD, Dysgraphia 

We implement reading, spelling and multisensory phonics tutoring during therapy with specific programs for students with dyslexia and other reading and learning difficulties. These programs improve decoding, fluency and comprehension. Visual motor integration, combined with specialized handwriting and keyboarding instruction, assists those struggling with written expression difficulties.


Visual Perceptual Therapy

Effective visual perceptual therapy develops and enhances visual perceptual skills critical to information processing. Specific exercises and procedures are designed to retrain the brain how to learn, utilizing therapeutic-type visual/auditory memory games, learning skills exercises, and visual motor integration tasks. These fun therapeutic tasks help improve visual/perceptual and cognitive skills necessary for efficient learning.


Learning Skills Training           

  • Concentration Skills                    

  • Memory        

  • Brain Skills                              

  • Attention Span


This training helps enhance and develop neurological skills of cognition and learning with sensory integrative and therapeutic exercises, including:

  • Memory, Attention and Concentration Exercises

  • Specialized Brain Computerized Program

  • Cognitive Improvement Software



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