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Help your child’s reading skills with tutoring from Student Learning Recovery Tutoring.


Developing Effective Reading Skills

Most children enjoy being read to. When children begin learning how to read on their own, they enjoy it even more. They may not enjoy every book they read, especially assigned books from school, but they do eventually develop a love of reading. However, whether a child enjoys reading or not, it is important that they develop efficient reading skills.


Reading efficiently is not as easy as it sounds.   The act of efficient reading requires many skills, including:

  • Laterality: Tracking your eyes across the page, from left to right.

  • Convergence: Both eyes operating as a team.

  • Accommodation: Clearing the print.

  • Decoding: Identifying the words.

  • Comprehension: Making sense of the material.

  • Visual Memory: Remembering the text.


Why Tutoring is Necessary

These skills should function automatically and efficiently, but they may not for every child. If any of these skills are compromised or underdeveloped, reading becomes laborious and fatiguing. Difficulties in any of these areas may severely impact comprehension, which is why children who struggle with reading need assistance.


Students who have a reading disorder may experience the following signs. If they do, an evaluation is necessary.

  • Eye Discomfort                  

  • Blurriness

  • Avoids Reading                

  • Headaches

  • Fidgeting                            

  • Fatigue

  • Eye Rubbing                

  • School Phobia              

  • Anxiety and Nausea


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