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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.


-Benjamin Franklin

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Student Learning Recovery Tutoring specializes in helping children with various learning differences and disabilities. We use a multidisciplinary, one-on-one approach that combines visual, perceptual, motor therapy, special education and brain training into a program designed to benefit students struggling academically.


The SLR approach combines concepts and best practices from several well-known learning programs including Orton Gillingham, and other specialized dyslexia and cognitive working memory programs. These research-based methods are proven to provide rehabilitation in reading, writing, spelling and reading comprehension for children with learning disabilities.


Students benefit from a combination of visual perception training and academic tutoring to build:

  • Attention Skills

  • Visual Motor Skills

  • Brain Skills

  • Auditory Skills

  • Visual Memory                           

  • Fluency


We treat beginners, slow readers, and those who have difficulty with:

  • Decoding and Spelling                    

  • Blending Sounds

  • Retaining Comprehension

Learning Disabilities
It can be frustrating watching your child struggle in school. Not only are the academic demands intense, but if your child is behind, his/her emotional and mental well-being may suffer as well. Your child may need assistance mastering challenging content, or perhaps there is a deeper more complex reason. Learning disabilities are real, and affect children of all ages differently. 
Overcoming Learning Disabilities
We offer a variety of programs and exercises to give your child the skills and confidence necessary to overcome his or her learning disabilities and disorders. SLR works to identify how your child learns, developing a unique learning plan much different from a traditional academic setting. Programs and exercises we utilize include:
  • Specialized Reading Therapy            

  • Brain Skills Training          

  • Dyslexia Treatment

  • Vision/Multisensory Therapy


Call for a free phone consultation or schedule a low-cost evaluation for your child to begin his or her academic tutoring today!


Defined by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. Click on each to learn more.

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