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Every student can learn just not on the same day, or in the same way.


-George Evans


We've heard from a lot of happy parents, and seen results in a lot of successful children. We invite you to read some of the wonderful letters we have received.

"My son's outlook on school has completely changed"

August 2014

In September 2013, my son’s Kindergarten teacher contacted us and told us she was noticing some inconsistencies in his learning and comprehension. We sought help immediately, trying to identify the root of his issues. He was having difficulty following basic directions, retaining information, letter and sight word recognition and memory. My son had attended daycare, and things always seemed to be going well with Pre-K preparations. This new information was quite alarming, and we were determined to find out what was causing him to have difficulty in school.


After seeking the help of a private psychologist, ruling out issues with eyesight and neurological deficiencies, we decided to have him tested for a learning disability. We learned that his elementary school could provide the testing and was required to do so by state law in a certain amount of time following our request. In early February we learned the results of the testing. My son has a relatively high IQ score, however, has severe deficiencies in “working memory and processing speed.” We shared the school’s results with our private psychologist, and based on a significantly low oral fluency score, her diagnosis was dyslexia.


Like most parents, I was determined to get all the help I could that would allow my son to be successful academically. He was beginning to notice that he was below grade level, and started comparing himself to his peers and expressing frustration with school. I researched brain training software, private tutors, learning centers and in-home solutions. Nothing seemed to address everything that he was experiencing. We hired a traditional academic tutor, and although my son adored her and enjoyed the time they spent together, it wasn’t helping him at the rate we needed. In the spring, we were informed by my son’s teacher that he was at risk for retention. I was devastated. Here was an extremely intelligent boy, who knew the material, but was struggling with retrieving it and applying it. I felt that teaching material to him in the same way by repeating Kindergarten was not the answer. Desperate, I searched on Google for resources and came across, Student Learning Recovery Tutoring. Everything on the website described exactly what my son was going through. All the reviews indicated that Leslie Rosenberg was a miracle worker, and could help children learn differently, and in ways where they would better remember academic concepts.We have been a student at Student Learning Recovery Tutoring for nearly three months and we are amazed at my son’s progress. His teacher’s decided not to retain him and he will be moving on to the first grade this summer.


My son’s outlook on school has completely changed. He went from writing a string of letters and nonsense words to writing complete sentences in a matter of weeks. He has mastered so many additional sight words, letters and spelling, and better reading skills and comprehension. We will continue to see Leslie until we feel he is able to confidently and successfully handle school without the assistance of a tutor. Something Leslie is extremely confident will happen within a few more months of sessions. The amount of change we have seen in him in such a short time is amazing, to say the least. Leslie is dedicated to truly helping children with learning disabilities. She gives them confidence, and forms lasting relationships with them. My son looks forward to attending his sessions with Leslie, and I love listening to him get excited about new concepts during their session. Leslie and her experience in visual therapy and learning disabilities was exactly what we were looking for. I am grateful that we found her and highly recommend her to anyone whose child is struggling in school. There is no cure for dyslexia, but Leslie’s techniques have taught my son how to manage his disability and develop new learning strategies that he will use for the rest of his academic career.

"I am forever indebted to what she has given my son"

April 2014

Previous review My son has been held back a year, and was frequently asked the question “Are you trying” and various other things by teachers, over the last year.


Update on my son’s progress since last November. We have been continually working with Student Learning Recovery and Ms. Leslie for the past 6 months Plus and my son is on track to pass the third grade, EVEN WITH all of the new standards that are being set.


Ms. Leslie helped me navigate the School System as well and get my son to be recognized as having a Specific Reading Disorder, to get additional support in the school.


I continue to be amazed at how much my son loves going to see Ms. Leslie, even as he is complaining about not wanting to go to school every day.


The vast knowledge that Ms. Leslie has in this area is truly a vision to behold… her systems are artistic in a way, finding new avenues to bring even more success out of my son.


I am forever indebted to what she has given my son… it goes way beyond reading. it is about restoring his faith in himself, that he is not “Stupid” but just has a brain that is amazing and unique. We continue to work with Ms. Leslie and plan to for years to come, with our other sons.

"His confidence is increasing as well as his desire to read."

January 2014

I am a home schooling Mom. Last year, I began to suspect that something was wrong when my 7 year old was still struggling to read and showing signs of Dyslexia.


I began to do some research and found Leslie Rosenberg and the Student Learning Recovery Center. Leslie offers free consultations, and spent over an hour on the phone with me, listening to my concerns, asking questions and then giving me an overview of her services. I took him for an evaluation and screening.


When he started with her he was at a pre primer/Kindergarten level. In 5 months, going two hours a week, he is now at grade level, doing 2nd grade work!


His confidence is increasing as well as his desire to read. Leslie takes a personal interest in the children she tutors. She seeks to find out each child’s individual challenges, what their learning style is and what motivates them. She puts homework together and fun online games that all my children enjoy doing. She also takes the time, during our sessions, to train me on what programs or techniques she is using, and will spend additional time with me after our session to talk about my son’s progress.


My son enjoys going there and my husband and I are so grateful for the success that we have seen in the short time that Leslie has been tutoring our son. We are very happy and would recommend Leslie to anyone who needs this kind of service.

"You have been the most amazing teacher for Owen"


Dear Ms. Leslie,

You always told us that my grandson, Owen Alley was your greatest success story student. I wanted to share with you his recent successes .he was recognized for at Awards Day, at Celebration Christian Academy, this past Thursday for third graders:

  • “A” Honor Roll

  • Remarkable Reader Award

  • Christian Character Award

  • Most Improved Student Award

  • Book Worm Award


We were thrilled for Owen and he has had a wonderful school year. He loves to read and is doing well.


Thank you for your love patience and expertise in helping our precious little boy overcome so many obstacles. If you ever need a reference for other parents please feel free to have them contact me. Also if you know of other special needs children who would benefit from a Christian school that helps students to achieve , please recommend his school to others.


You have been the most amazing teacher for Owen you’ll never know how much you have meant to him. It is because of you that he can now read and loves to read!

"This kid is not the same kid that left for track out a few weeks ago!”

November 27, 2013

My son has been held back a year, and was frequently asked the question “Are you trying” and various other things by teachers, over the last year.


Having started the third grade for the second time, we knew that we would have to seek outside help. We didn’t know who, or what we were looking for, but after describing our situation to a neighbor, Student Learning Recovery was suggested.

We drove over to Ms. Leslie’s home office in Holly springs, down a winding path, to find a quaint home, sitting among a wonderful outdoor scene. Serene, calm, full of hope.

As we walked in, Ms. Leslie was so friendly and engaging, my shy, sensitive son, opened completely up, was willing to do assessment tests (which was quite a feat considering the week before he was crying on the way to school for a test) and even asked me if we would be returning on the way home.


It was very evident to me, that Ms. Leslie had a VAST knowledge of various types of learning challenges, had many years of experience in this field. I was very impressed with watching how she was an artist of sorts. Talking with my son, asking him questions, saying “Oh, great, lets try this!” Jumping up to get another book, a different testing structure, and going right into the new piece. Quite masterfully, might I add!!

Leslie Rosenberg identified four key areas that my son was having some issues with. One of these was a basic phonological awareness (should have been taught in Kindergarten.

Over the course of the last eight weeks, my son's reading has gone from 24 words per minute to 70 words per minute consistently.


I recently met with the school psychologist, and the teachers, for an assessment and their direct words were:
“This kid is not the same kid that left for Track Out a few weeks ago!”


The tutoring had moved him so far ahead so rapidly that they are now looking to refer other students to Student Learning Recovery as well.

If you have a child that is struggling with reading, or any other issue, give Leslie a call at the very least, and ask questions. She is a very special woman, and has skills that you cannot really teach someone to have. LIFE/Job Experience.

This is a program customized to what YOUR child needs.


Looking forward to taking my Kindergartener there after we are finished with my 3rd grader.

"It's been a 180 turnaround in his performance at school"

June 4, 2013

We came to Leslie Rosenberg when my son was a few months into Kindergarten. His teacher thought he had ADHD but after seeing him class I suspected he might have Dyslexia. Leslie spent a great deal of time evaluating and explaining her findings. My son is now almost finished with First Grade and it’s been a 180 turn around in his performance at school. His first grade teacher can’t believe that he ever had any of the issues that his Kindergarten teacher sited. It’s been wonderful to address his learning problems rather than to just medicate him.


Now my daughter is entering Kindergarten and we have brought her to Leslie. She has some different issues than my son and Leslie definitely has custom tailored plans for each child. It is definitely been worth the drive from Cary to get the tutoring help that my kids need.

"Leslie offers a service that is invaluable"

October 28, 2007

I brought my daughter to Leslie in April after months and months of struggling. Julianna was in the first grade, and was already considerably behind. Immediately, Leslie recognized that Julianna was dyslexic; whereas her teacher believed her to be ADHD, and we started her on a plan to bring her up to grade level. Although we were only able to see her once per week, we started seeing progress right away. Julianna?s readers jumped several levels within two months and Leslie was able to get Julianna to do things for her that others were not able to do.


Regretfully, due to living over an hour away, we had to find a tutor closer to home. However, Leslie offers a service that is invaluable. I highly recommend Student Learning Recovery if your child is struggling in school.

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